Araji urges Talabani to Specify Close Date for Upcoming National Meeting


Happy Wednesday Friends!

This news is encouraging since we do need a date for the National Conference!

If you remember the post from yesterday, the Agenda has been agreed to and will be delivered to all Political Blocks today or tomorrow!

We have the Agenda, and now we just need the date!!! We’ll keep watching!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 17:18 | | | Baghdad (AIN) –

The head of Ahrar bloc, Baha al-Araji urged “The President, Jalal Talabani, to specify a close date for the upcoming national meeting.”

A statement by Araji’s office received by All Iraq News Agency (AIN) cited “During its last meeting, the Preparatory Committee has finished preparing the agenda draft which is sent to Talabani to send copies to the Kurdistani Alliance and the Iraqiya Slate,” noting that

“If the KA and the IS have observations concerning the agenda, they should present them in a meeting to finalize the agenda with Talabani’s attendance.”

“If they do not have observations, Talabani should set the date for the national meeting soon,” the statement noted.

“The agenda involves three principals including the first which is the principals of the national meeting, the second is to adhere to the constitution in all its sides, applying Erbil Agreement,” the statement added. “The stage is so sensitive, we have to settle the disputes through this meeting,” the statement concluded. /End/

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