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Okay Dinarian Friends, we need to have us a little “INTERVENTION” cause we’ve seen far too much of this UTTER CRAP hit the boards recently and today!!!!

Now, are all the hack pumper gurus all smoking the same dope that Okie is passing around???!!!….

REALLY A RATE OF $40+ for each IQD!!!!


It is insane that all these sheep hack gurus just sing out their agreements with whatever crap Okie pulls out of his ass!!!!

The truth is that Dr. Shabibi, the current Governor of the CBI, has clearly stated that he will restore the IQD to its original strength (~$3.32 : 1.00 IQD).

These hack gurus are lying to you with any rate that is over $5.00 : 1.00 IQD.

It has been stated by Dr. Shabibi that his currency according to audit could eventually support a rate of ~ $12.00 : 1.00 IQD ! However Dr. Shabibi also clearly stated that HE WOULD NOT USE SUCH A HIGH RATE!

Lastly, WTF is this constant crap about “Whale Investors” being in Reno!!! Have you ever been to Reno??!!!

It is an ARMPIT, a dirty city that is not really a nice place to visit in our opinion!!! Certainly these “Whale” Investors will not hang out in Reno!!!

They WOULD Stay in Las Vegas, NOT Reno!!! Now watch these hack gurus change it to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Palm Springs, or Miami!!!! LOL!!!!

These hacks have the crappiest lies, right!!! LOL!!!!

~ Mr. IQD

APRIL 30, 2012
4:00 PM CST: 3sIntel [GENERALS64]

[generals64] FIREPROOF..the Reno cash out guys told us that THEY had moved the Rv until tomorrow as it is the international Socialist Day…Do what??

[rockfish40] Didn’t I read that Shabibi had said Iraq could handle up to $50 based on
assets still in the ground, etc.? [generals64] rockfish40 – Yes…. but In realistic ideas the rate would or could go about 12.60. A member of the IMF said they were shooting for 6.18 to 6.38…. that is acceptable to me… shoot… I guess I could give it up and take 42.38 if I have to though… [BWM] rockfish40 – No never that high…

[generals64] I have had 9 calls asking me if Okie is having a stroke or something?…I don’t know…I sure hope he is right… going to build anew hospital just for Dinarians

[generals64] 7 trillion dinar in the open market right now. That would be close to 300 trillion dollars… Our country just owes 16 trillion…

[CoLeMaN] It’s too much money [mountainman] CoLeMaN why is it so impossible have heard it several times over the past week that rates could be that high, anything is possible

[Guyduty] generals64 I thought is was 24 trillion [generals64] Guyduty – 27 is the printed number

[mogo] No rv. CBI is the same, simple to check [generals64] mogo – Not as much fun though

[generals64] Secret screen in the CBI remember that. Blue Screen on the Green Stand next to the Black Desk.


4 thoughts on “WTF???!!! (GENERALS64): 3S’s – ARE THEY ALL SMOKING' DOPE!!!

  1. Great Job Mr. IQD!!!  Sad how some of these people that holds the Dinars rely on those gurus and not look for their own info.  It’s so simple, you have to do your own homework, BBC, News, Tweeters that’s where I found you Mr. IQD:) and other reliable sources that are not going to say that the RV is going to hit $40 dollars, it doesn’t take a genius to know that if you pay out $40 in RV per 1 Dinar that they’ll go broke first before they complete their payout to everyone that holds the Dinar that’s nuts!!!  Okay gots to run:) God bless!!!


    • Thanks for your support of Mr. IQD and helping our team of “truth seekers”!!!

      We simply want these hack gurus to shut up, and stop toying with the emotions and trust of our fellow Dinarians. 🙂

      You: “Heisourvindicator” is now one of our “official” Dinar Hack Guru Hunters! LOL!!! Thanks for your support!

      ~ Mr. IQD


      • Thanks Mr. IQD, I’ll try to give you as much support as possible.. I agree with you 100 percent, it’s sad how other takes advantage of the weak and brokenhearted, but the Lord said that our weakness is made perfect in His Strength and that He came for the brokenhearted and I am trying to be His example to help set the captive free.. Okay God bless and I am in the process of moving so I am packing and wont have computer, have to break it down Friday for a few days.. Okay thanks again Mr. IQD and it was a joy for you to accept me on your website and to be part of your member..:)  Remember, look unto Him, Heisourvindicator!:)


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