Highlights/Summary & CC Replay – April 26, 2012

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Highlights/Summary & Replay of CC
Conference Call  Replay –  April 26, 2012
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Straight Talkin Mike’s Transcription of the Recap of Tonight’s News
(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed after each news article listed  – the following is just Straight Talkin Mikes recap of the news discussed)

Below are some of the comments made after the reading of the articles

Comments after the CBI articles:
Maliki is at it again….with the 1st article we read…The 2nd article states Shabibi In a Telephone interview from Washington……denies the news
So Shabibi Leaves the country – all of a sudden you go out of the house and somebody is selling the house out from underneath you – pretty bold statements – obviously it is very very….you can see the pressure being put on the Central Bank…..Hey..No its part of what we do – its part of the Constitution and apparently someone in the news doesn’t think it is….who could that be??…part of Maliki’s bunch ya think?…I think so…Trying to spread these rumors all designed to be a campaign to let the people in the public think that they are trying to mess with the currency and they are not doing their job when in essence they are doing a great job trying to maintain the currency and doing what they need to do and I still say that everything we have seen happen is done by Maliki in order to try and win favor over the people
and I would say he is going to start losing at this game very soon
We are going to start to see that there are things going on inside the govt that are starting to build up -every time he starts to get a little pressure he trys to take over the Central Bank…that seems to be the one thing he can not get…..If you read those 2 articles today you saw a feud between Maliki still trying to take over the Central Bank and the Central Bank doing what it is doing – Shabibi is definetely here in the US talking to the IMF, getting guidance making sure he does what needs to get done in order to get his currency RV’d properly and done properly…one of the things we are starting to see – changes in the banking – and will see more of is the banking diversification – he really needs to bust up the state owned banks and I think you are going to start to see that happen – try to get the govt out of the business of banking as much as they can and get these other banks in there – we started to see that last week with the Bank of Qatar
So you basically have to do is outnumber the government banks and you have to be able to offer better rates – more things than the govt bank can offer so that the people start to go there and diversify…Once he gets that taken care of there will be a lot less pressure from Maliki trying to force him to do things
We Like it….Shabibi protecting himself and doing well with what he needs to do to move forward with the plans he has in place to take care of the currency….Always ready to go….Love how he answers to the bad press….very shrewd…..saying No No Snap Out of it!! The only thing we have to support what we’ve got – the bank doesnt have the reserves we do – I know they want my reserves but we are the ones that have it…..its what we do and how we do it….

Lots of articles about how we are sides getting together to see how they can get rid of Maliki – Interesting development with some of Maliki people being accused of corruption and all of a sudden leaving the country – So you can see there alot of things going on inside that we dont quite know about and the pressures are there
Corruption charges – you will start seeing charges going against the people around Maliki – picking away at all the people around him to try to get them on corrruption –  – they will leave the country and try to avoid whats going on…very interesting to see with everything going on how this plays out because these people who stepping out of the way are important political postions and we are taking part in all of that – you are starting to see the people building their information on the people around him to get him out of office – and to also get rid of the people around him….all good stuff — not so much what they are being charged with but what they need to figure out is how keep these
people from fleeing – so they can take care of them legally thru the system – so they can expose the corruption going on in the Maliki govt…..its all good and things that need to happen all around with this – probably see news articles that say he didn’t do anything – this is all in response to the Hashimi deal……..whats good for the goose is good for the gander

Sadr has decided to inject himself into this entire process which he has really stayed out of it for a long period of time and now he is out there calling for M to be removed and he’s trying to negotiate this – trying to get it moved along – the key is none of these guys are all great but Sadr controls alot of the militias – and alot of whether these people are going to uprise – He keeps everybody calm thats what we found out when we were ready to pull out – When we first took over he’s the one that we either decided to keep or get rid of there was alot of debate on whether he needed to stay or go -I think he sees the bigger picture of what can be and the amount of wealth that can be in this country
He’s injecting himself for the first time in all of this
Now he’s a leader and a religous leader and you are going to start to see them coming in to try to influence this and move it forward
So everybody is taking sides now and the numbers are mounting against Maliki
Some of the things we saw him do today with the CBI tell us he is a desparate man who is doing desparate things but as we start to see them pick at the people around him – people that are his people we are going to see alot of things happen


We talked about the CBI – we saw a lot of articles about them abandoning the auctions – Fake Articles put out by Maliki – Shabibi addressed that – We are starting to see some changes in the banks – The Trade Bank doing extremely well -that they are moving forward and they are loaning and getting to be very stable – this is going to be one of the main banks in Iraq to handle alot of the dinar that comes thru on contract and do alot of the reconstruction work – its nice to see their bank doing well and what they are doing  – and how they are starting to move – We have read lots of ad about banks leaning their dependency off the government – becoming more independent  and becoming more like a regular banking structure – we have seen that with the announcements being made over the last couple of days that the banks are becoming very independent and we are starting to see that happen – thats what we need to see happen – nice independent banking systems free of the government will do the country well

People are still moving into Iraq at a pretty good pace
You are not seeing anybody drop contracts and again thats the key to the rebuilding process…
Again when do the people who are investing in this get fed up?…Well most of these people are not in for the short term
and I think most of the people in the dinar community have a short term outlook on things – the longer amount looks pretty good when you look at all the money that is flowing thru the Trade Bank and things that are going on and happening – it just takes time…its not a simple fact to RV  your currency –  there are alot of things that have to happen
lots of things that have to be in place…when you have the government fighting you along the way every bit of the way then it just makes it doubly hard – its a process and things have to be in place and until those things are in place certain things can’t move forward

Now theres been alot of talk about on the political side and we see everybody talking about the no-confidence vote and moving people down that way – think of the no-cionfdiece vote sorta of as an impeachment process to Maliki
If you think abot the process over here when you try to impeach our President Just like it is over here its a very drawn out process – a process that has to go right – Its a process you dont just come out and use unless you really need to use it -you have to have everybody lined up – we are seeing everybody talks to Talabani and everybody else
to get everybody moving and lining up the sides – putting each player on the card saying Okay Do we have your support or do we not have your support?  Do we have enough to pull this off?
Barzani is in Kurdistan making it sound pretty good like he can have a capital there in Erbil – which he can and that can be one of the debates to throw that in there – Look  we dont have to have Baghdad as the capital – we can have alot of different things go on but we can do what we need to do – we can run the government right here form Erbil if thats what needs to be or if we need to be an autonomous region and break off from you guys we will do that – so it is certainly looking like everybody is lining up to do what they need to do

And while that is going on the Central Bank is moving along with whatever process he needs to get done – getting things in shape to move forward and what they need to do  – getting the banks lined up to be functional banks -talking with the IMF getting all the advice they need to make sure that everything runs smoothly and to protect themselves from Maliki  – thats part of the equation that needs to be put in there now – to make sure they don’t have him come out and do something fooolish like try to arrest somebody and do that kinda of stuff – Those are all things that are in the hopper – thats the process we are going thru -we would love for it to go faster faster faster – Once Shabibi feels comfortable with the political process or the process hes got in – he’s not necessarily waiting for that –  he’s waiting for assurances that he knows that things will work smoothly – Again he has an oil economy – he needs to make sure that economy moves and does what it needs to do because if it stops it can be very detrimental

We’ve had people ask us whether or not the Kurds have stopped pumping oil – Based on the articles they are still pumping oil at a very good rate -they just opened another platform to put oil out so I do not see the signs that the Kurds have shut everything down
I remember they shut things down for a bit but then turned the spickets back on realizing that would cripple the economy and hurt them even more – thats not what they want to do  -they dont want to make Shabibi’s  job even harder – they would like to work with him
To make sure Iraq comes out with a good currency
so there is only so many things they can do before they damage the country, damage the people and they are probably not willing to go there to do that…..

And there you have it…
Straight Talkin’ Mike On The Straight Talk Express
Bringing You Another Night of Positive News!


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