Hammerman Friday Night Update – DID SOMEONE HIT HIM OVER THE HEAD!!! – Analysis by MrIQD!!!

HAT TIP: DinarRecaps

What is it about Friday Nights that make these HACK GURUS spew out such garbage???!!!

Perhaps they have been drinking a little too much cheap wine??? We can only speculate…. LOL!!!!

Regardless, we at Mr. IQD have been hearing this “Bank Screens” CRAP now for nearly a year!!! The same about the FOREX and also the other 3-letter agencies like BIS, IMF and WTO!!!

Do not base your Dinar buying, or Selling Decisions based on crap intel by these HACK GURUS!!!! Just tell them TO STFU!!!!! 😉

~ Mr. IQD

Post By Kdes Dinar MIG Chat

10:37 PM [kdes dinar] Hammerman: Forex is stating not before Tuesday. The banks think it could happen at anytime now, any minute. We are in a window now.

Before the middle of the
month of may. We think we will see it before the 5th. Shabbi handed the little book over to the bis. In that book is the date, rate and time. They have it and it will go. Does it have to happen today or before August? No, but it could happen at any time.

I think codes are all done finshed. I asked 2 bankers today, they said the best they can tell all codes done. Shabibi gave final release code book to the imf and bis. So, that’s where we are at.

They put codes in. Now it is processing the timing of the codes, days, hours that shabibi set. He is the only man that knows when. There is no time limit.

Bankers are looking at the top of every single hour, every day. They are all pumped up! I was told to push my back wall date to the 15th but most say it wont go that far. I truly believe (it will happen) before the 5th but no one really knows

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