NEW OOM VIDEO: What People are Saying About Okie and The Video About Him

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We at Mr.IQD have already produced our own “Okie” video – poking fun at his absurd “intel” and consistently calling for the RV.  Please be sure to watch our video as well.

This YouTUBE video that was made by someone else is also funny and worth watching!

Enjoy!  ~ Mr. IQD



This should be the first thing people watch/read when getting involved with the dinar.

It would elminate the initial hype


catdon, on 23 April 2012 – 07:25 PM, said:

disrespectful IMO
I had to turn it off, it was sickening – references to Okie is one thing –
but references to the Bible and God in this manner is uncalled for.
Shame on the person who created this!

The video is NOT disrespect to God.

Instead, it is making fun of those people who follow a guy as if he was a god.

Does that sound familiar?????

Furthermore, Okie is a fraud.

And there are many of us that know this as a FACT.

I personally didn’t take it that way at all.
The reference of the bible is only pointing out how these gurus work.
They constantly put out LIES, fake/bad info….
whatever you want to call it and then reference how religious they are or it has RV’d “praise God”
as I think multiple gurus have said before or they say things in reference to God and yet they continue to lie
and hurt/destroy many peoples emotions based on nothing other than……a lie.
One day all these people will be exposed.
Currently, they use religion as a way to connect with people and get a following.
=========================================================On second thought…….you are correct.The entire shame Okie is running on OOM (Okie Oil Man)
forum is very disrespectful to any one who has half a brain.


he has many followers…that means..he to sell the sisal ;)

most of the gurus…are..and where excellent network marketer…
who know how to fascinate the audience…creating for themselves…
and endless income stream…before…and after the RV
                THE DINAR & RV

Watch and Listen for Yourself!

         this has been a
just for laughs production

1 thought on “NEW OOM VIDEO: What People are Saying About Okie and The Video About Him

  1. Finally…after only a couple of months of getting into dinar speculation/investment, I’d gotten my fill of hype and BS pseudo-spiritual and bogus religious fanatic garbage. So, thanks for providing some sensible and more grounded material as a source of updates. I’ve noticed also that, on your site, the posts reflect a nice degree of literacy. This is important for (I think) for credibility. How do these people follow those “gurus” when they can’t even write in their own language?! Maybe if this RV does happen, they can use some of their new money to learn some basic, 7th-grade level writing skills.


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