Duckboy – Great Current Analysis and Slams Hack Gurus!

HAT TIP:  Duckboy

Happy Friday Friends!

We were emailed this good analysis of current Iraq Events and also the crap that is being spewed out by our friendly neighborhood HACK GURUS!

Duckboy wrote everything to follow, we made a couple of very minor adjustments mostly for formatting reasons only.

~ Mr. IQD

BBP update: Our sources are quiet to what end, we don’t know and we won’t read into it. However, my guess is that they are tired of getting same stuff from their contacts, who have not been remotely correct. As we see it, they are so many things happening in Iraq, it can be difficult to follow.

Will Maliki have a no-confidence vote? I don’t believe it will ever happen. Disgruntled leaders in the opposing parties have been saying this for over a year and they have yet to act upon in.

Is Maliki trying to take over as the new Dictator? I seriously doubt it. If he was and with so much negative press about him, why would he be flying off to meet his counterpart in Iran on Sunday??? If I was trying to take over my country, I wouldn’t leave, especially to a country that is pretty much hated around the world.

Is Maliki slowing down this process? Could be, but it could also be a part of Shabibi’s plan… We don’t know and won’t know.

Shabibi is in DC/NYC for the IMF meetings. Will he RV this week being out of the country? I doubt it, but who knows. I truly believe that he is waiting for the GOI to be seated. Why is it not seated? No one has a clue, just a mix of articles out in the press and all blaming a number of different reasons I am sticking with my belief that it is all done, but there is one more thing to be accomplished before all announcements are made. What? No clue.

The tariff laws will go into effect June 1… about 40days. I have read on article that suggests they will have to postpone the tariff laws from going into effect because of the current inflation rate and the low(er) value of the IQD. They can and have postpone these tariffs before (Last September they were to have been implement, but… In any case, they need an rv to really help with the inflation that will hit once the rv takes place. Yes, the inflation rate will spike, but it should only be a temporary issue.

The CBI is almost just like the FED. The FED does work with Congress, but Congress has really authority to get involved with the policies and procedures of the FED. If they had authority, don’t you think Ron Paul would have done something to influence the FED other than make speeches??? The CBI is in the same position. There may be some differences, but these are minor

When will we see this rv? I’m sticking with soon. How much will it come out at? I wouldbe more tan happy with a 1:1 exchange and so should you because it would be the best and most lucrative investment that you will ever make. Anything over that rate would be, of course, even better. It would also be great if one of the gurus were correct. Which one? I don’t care, but their batting average is 0.

I started this letter by copying and pasting some quotes from Okie and Bulldog, but I am really very tired of reading the same old thing, all the time. And I am also very tired in shooting these guys down, again, but they are very good at making themselves look bad. It really gets old. However, I will summarize for you below.

Okie: Now, how many times has there been an in-country RV, according to Okie…. at least 5 times that I can recall. To me and knowing how Okie does things, the 2nd post is confirming that the 1st post is wrong or Okie would have posted to get ready to cashin.

Blaino: Then you have Blaino and his call with the barber from Ohio. According to the barber, they had an in-country rv last week at 1:1… and we’re just hearing about it? I don’t think so or our contacts in Iraq would have contacted us, plus every contact in Iraq would have contacted their guru friends… Tariq, the man from the IQD Team would be on the phone/computer so fast… and having listened to Tariq, I believe him.

jonnywg: Well, jonny has put the UST in lockdown, again. Need I say more???

cap1: Knows nothing at all and is just repeating what he is being told.

PTR: They are really one of the only groups that are not calling it, yet and are really watching the news. Ok, Tony does get carried away, sometimes, but Dan/Gary have done well by putting a muzzle on him.

Footforward: He’s assuming that his high place sources are lying to him because a long time ago the source told him that footforward would pick it apart any dubious intel that they provide and that would be the KEY to knowing that the rv was about to happen So, Footforward is taking a lie and turning it into the truth because he was told to a long time ago???? Not likely in my opinion. He also spoke about the baskets of currencies that will rv and how they have to wait till the IQD rv’s because the others that will rv cannot support their RV…. Not likely. This is not how the system works. Plus, he use God to his advantage. Sorry and yes, I am a believer and go to church weekly and even take part in the activities of my church. I’ll write something about my beliefs below… at the very bottom of this email, so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to….

If you think that I am bashing anyone, sorry.  I would not have to even discuss these issues if these gurus were NOT serial repeat offenders and yes, you can almost match word for word what many of them wrote a year ago.

This is all I have for now.  I’ll let you know more when I have it.  I have set up the texting service and if you want on the list, shoot me an email…

We are still taking donations!  Just go to the website and click the donation button. Many thanks to the members that have donated.

Jeff  (aka Duckyboy)

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