Kurd MP : Withdrawal of confidence from the government a practical solution to end the political crisis.

HAT TIP:  The IQD Team

We were very excited to see this article, especially with Barzani back in town, the Kurds and the passage of Erbil in our opinion are the main key to getting Shabibi to pull that trigger for the RV.

We honestly feel that Shabibi is waiting for the Oil & Gas Law to be hammered out, they have to know who is responsible for the Oil Contracts with the big Oil Companies, and they need to know what percentages are going to be distributed around the Government and to the People of Iraq. 

Furthermore, we also feel that Shabibi wants a stable GOI and having Maliki sign and announce to the public the power sharing agreement means that he cannot become a defacto Dictator, which the Iraqi people DO NOT WANT!!!

~ Mr. IQD

18/04/2012 08:44:00

Baghdad/ NINA /– MP ,Hassan Jihad, for the Kurdistan Alliance said : “ Withdrawal of confidence from the government is one of the practical and available solutions to end the current untractable political crisis.

He told NINA : “ Crisis cannot stay stagned without solutions and can not accept contrived stands made by some political blocs who resort to procrastination without facing a desuasive positions to end the crisis .

It’s noteworthy to mention that MP Mohammed Sayhood for the State of Law headed by PM, al-Maliki has described the attempts to withdraw confidence from the government as a conspiracy alleging that such approach is not a democratic practice , he said . / End



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