CBI's Governor Shabibi – Compare Articles for Apr 2012 and articles from Apr 2011 – August 2011

HAT TIP:  The IQD Team

Wow, this is fantastic archive work by Lakehouse who made your life much easier by collecting all these valuable articles relevant to the Revalue of the Iraqi Currency!

Who would you rather believe (and bet next month’s rent on!) Dr. Shabibi the Governor of Iraq’s Central Bank (www.CBI.iq) or believe one of those hack “gurus” who is calling it every other day because of the so-called “intel”…. 

GIVE US A BREAK from CRAP INTEL!!! We will take Dr. Shabibi’s word every time over a hack Guru!!!  And, by the way, when you read the real news and quotes from Shabbs, you will think – why in the heck did I ever need a hack guru to tell me his/her lies!

~ Mr. IQD

Thanks Lakehouse @ Going Global for putting this together

Dr. Shabibi of Iraq's CBICBI’s Governor Sinan Shabibi – Articles for April 2012 and articles from April 2011 – August 2011 for review!

This year .. April 14th 2012 .. link .. *CBI’s Shabibi ~ Central Bank Governor left Iraq to attend a conference of the International Monetary Fund ..

And More .. link.. *April 21-26-2012 – UNCTAD Conference – Fact, CBI’s Sinan Shabibi was until retirement a Senior economist for UN’s Conference for Trade and Development

And .. One Year Ago …

April 17, 2011 ~ *On Tuesday, Shabibi goes to Washington ~ Iraq and the Paris Club ~ Financial confirmed it seeks to cancel the external debt …

April 19, 2011 ~ *Tuesday Shabibi ~ U.S. – Iraq Business Initiative Briefing with Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi – April 19, 2011

April 20, 2011 ~ *CBI’s Governor, Sinan Shabibi ~ Modernizing Iraq’s Banking System

Related Video~ *Video ~ Iraq’s central Bank of Iraq Governor Shabibi in DC 4-19-2011

Related article ~ *Iraq, CBI’s Governor, Sinan Shabibi ~ The Rising of Babylon (check additional links at end of post) …

May 15, 2011 ~ *CBI’s Shabibi ~ Iraq Mobile Banking ~ Shabibi said he hoped the project would be ready “in the coming year” …

May 28, 2011 ~ *CBI, Shabibi attends 70th Anniversary for Bank of Iraq est. Also ~ Rafie al-Issawi: we adopted a rate of $85 for 2012 budget …

June 20, 2011 ~ *Video ~ Iraq’s central Bank of Iraq Governor Shabibi in DC 4-19-2011 .. and

*Links – Iraq’s Currency and Monetary Policy – “Remove Zeros” Chapter 1 …

*Links – Iraq’s Currency and Monetary Policy – “Remove Zeros” Chapter 2 .. More Recent Articles …

July 21, 2011 *** Iraq’s CBI Shabibi ~ Conference of Ambassadors ~ Iraq’s position on financial promises broad prospects and a better future

Related Article ~ Wednesday ~ Third Conference ~ Iraq hosted Central Bank’s Sinan Shabibi who presented his speech on Monetary Policy and the New Iraq …

August 4, 2011 ~ Shabibi ~ Exchange Rate ~ CBI ~ following up the gov’t budget allocations in order to adjust the exchange rate and reduce the processing imbalance …

August 1, 2011 ~ RV Ready? Shabibi ~ August 25th 2011 ~ Dinar to Dollar ~ CBI Bank Governor, Sinan Shabibi .. Updates …

August 20, 2011 ~ Shabibi .. Is it enough to replace the Iraqi currency to save it from collapse?

August 21, 2011 ~ Finance Committee meets Iraqi Central Bank Governor

August 2011 ~ August 25-27 ~ Jackson Hole ~ Fed may have bullets left, but are they blanks?

August 25, 2011 ~ iraqi Dinar ~ Shabibi says ready to replace the Iraqi currency, while .. Maliki’s advisor warns of danger and demanded not to change the currency …

*(07) interview*Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi Governor Central Bank of Iraq ~ Iraq focus day: Sunday 22 January 2012


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