Iraq Thwarts an Attempted Robbery to Steal more than 7 Trillion Dinars from the State Treasury

HAT TIP: The Currency News Hound

TUESDAY, APRIL 17 / APRIL 2012 10:16

evealed the Iraqi Finance Ministry on Tuesday foiled a robbery for more than 7 trillion dinars from the state treasury through fraud official letters, asserting that someone falsified the books outside the ministry and the security services now haunted.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Finance received the ” Twilight News “a copy of” The accounting department at the Ministry foiled a fraud, big aim to steal more than 7 trillion dinars from the state treasury through fraud official letters and signatures forged officials are important in the Ministry of Finance and the General Secretariat of the Council of Minister. “

The statement pointed out that “the process of detecting fraud was through this set of
procedures and strict controls taken by the Ministry of Finance in the promotion of finance transactions.”

The statement added that “the accounting department in the ministry does not promote financing transactions for the account of people do not hand over any finance book to anyone regardless of the nature of his work or capacity, this immunity has provided high-fidelity to the process flow of funding between spending units in the state.”

The statement emphasized that “the public treasury of the state were not affected by this process in any amount, where the fraud was detected early.”

The statement continued that “the books and forged signatures were forged synthesize outside the ministry through a person who is now pursuing it legally and in coordination with the security services concerned.”

And stresses the unofficial statistics and press reports that the financial and administrative corruption may cause wasting millions of dollars of public money, and that the money being laundered through the purchase of real estate, companies and organizations to open a fake outside and inside the country.

The capital cities of Baghdad and other provinces of the country suffer from poor service and living reality, which is experiencing the state departments and institutions spread of financial and administrative corruption in all joints, according to observers.


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