The IQD Team – Highlights & Summary of Last Night's News – Sunday Apr 15th

-Thanks to Brenda for the Summary/Cliff Notes-

The IQD Team’s “Straight Talkin’ Mike” Recaps and Summarizes The Nights News

(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed – So much great information shared… The following is just a recap of the articles discussed on the call)

All of the articles we discussed tonight seem to say “Maliki’s Plan” – That’s the theme for tonight’s call… Maliki wants to have early elections – he is trying to give himself many outs because if he gets the people poplar coming out – saying he will change all of these things if you just give me one more term – give me more things that I can do – I can make sure this country is great – I can fix it – I can do it all of this for you – I think this is the ploy he is trying.
If he knows there is going to be a vote of No-confidence he will call for early elections and then they will got thru that process of re-electing everybody and hopefully he will get rid of those in opposition – hopefully he can win the election and then he looks like the good guy – he’s calling for the National conference – Kurds look like they are the backing out – they are getting all of the bad publicity.
Surely you could see after we read and discussed all of the articles earlier what the shape of the coverage of news this weekend was, and it was “Maliki’s plan – and what he is trying to do… He is a desperate man trying to do desperate things and he is going to have to be dealt with.
RECAPVery evident tonight after reading tonight’s news that We see Maliki trying to take over the Central Bank… We see those efforts kind-a failing…We read about one resignation possibly at the Central Bank due to health reasons and Shabibi is on his way out of the country a little bit early to a Spring Meeting with the IMF -he did not flee the country – This is great for us – we want Shabibi out of the country while a lot of this is going on because you can see Maliki is not pulling out any stops to try to solidify is power.

We discussed articles about the Sinking dollar and how it is affecting the people… Remember Maliki shut down his country for almost 6 days… with no work… no production… no anything and now they are complaining that their dollar after this happened is high… Well if we did this over here our dollar would lose a lot of value too – tremendous amount of value because there would be no production – no banking system would be open… no transactions going on here – there would have been nothing happening… So you can see that this was a surprise – most of the people thought it was – you can see that he is trying to shape public opinion so that when he tries to do what he needs to do he’s got public opinion behind him… It was very evident in the news articles we were reading tonight and all weekend… and that his biggest concern is he wants the 62 billion in reserves -he things that it is his money… or the peoples money – or the governments money – or whatever he thinks.
But the way the system is set up is they are independent and he always has a problem – he’s lost in the courts – he’s taking it to the public opinion – when you lose in the courts that’s generally what happens that you take it to the public and say here’s what I want – lets get a ground flow going and hopefully we can move these things along that we want from our party.
Now he’s looking at after arresting the Chief of Elections and all of sudden he’s calling for early elections because the people might want it – He’s talking about how the Kurds look – they are the ones that stopped pumping the oil – lets get a National Conference together.
Let’s make sure that we can get this done… they’re the ones that are hurting you, the people… So the theme tonight was Maliki’s Plan – Saturday & Sunday are big news day – you can see he is trying very hard to pump the public opinion.
As we get into the week, more news will come out and we will start to see what the reaction to all of this and what’s happening to him and people will come out strong and that will get in the newspaper – But you can certainly see he is trying very very hard to move this process along to do all of that.
Where does that leave us?
Certainly it is a wait and see type of attitude right now… You’ve got Shabibi who has an economic situation and if you purely play this on economics… THEN HE NEEDS TO DO HIS RV and let the political side get out of the way… he needs to give the purchasing power to the people and go forward… Certainly he is not willing to do that just yet because he has things going on – but in the coming days they need to do something to start to stabilize this because as this sits there at the 1270 or whatever… you still have the public opinion against you so you have got to do something. So we are going to be keeping an eye on the CBI and the news to see if they announce something that they are going to do.
I would assume we would hear that Monday or Tuesday as we get into the week to see what they are going to try to do to do this – They might do something with the auctions – they may do some other things… It’s certainly interesting what’s going on over there… we will have to wait and see.
We are in that holding pattern to see where we are at – Nothing has moved backwards – we are still in the same position we were – its just that when he is deciding to pull that.
They still have the same dates that loom ahead of them that are out there that he needs to get this done but he also has the added pressure of the political situation and the political situation that wants to affect him and take away these reserves – he needs these reserves to do his RV and keep stability with his currency
What a day – Its craziness when you look at it but if you take a deep breath and you say this is one day – this is one piece out of that day and tomorrow we will get more information and piece it all together… so it is what it is.
And there you have it…
Straight Talkin’ Mike On The Straight Talk Express
Bringing You Another Night of Great Positive News!

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