Analysis of Hammerman Conference Call Post – April 16, 2012

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Hello to our Guru Hunting Mates!

Today we turn our sights away from that dumb-ass Okie Oil Man to an even dumber-ass Hammerman!  Below you will find a post earlier today (April 16, 2012) from Hammerman who states his “intel” says very accurately (ha ha ah) between the 17th and the 25th!!! 

Dr. Shabibi of Iraq's CBIThe ONLY ‘intelligent’ thing said in his post is (and we quote): “Shabibi is the man and he’s the only one in the world that knows exactly when this will go down.” – So, take that as the BEST ADVICE Hammerman has ever given!

And now NEVER rely on his crap “intel” that just drives you crazy and causes you to lose sleep, or worse yet, bet your next month’s rent on buying a IQD Reserve!!!

Be SMART, and just check first with the which is the official website for The Central Bank of Iraq!  If it has RV’s it will only take a matter of seconds to propagate throughout the entire globe’s computers!

We also would like to mention that these hack gurus keep talking about baskets of currency, or hold up like as Hammerman mentions other countries like China.  Anyone that has a background in International Finance and Business knows that this is ridiculous!

First, a country will RV their currency when they feel it is appropriate for them, they are not in a “basket”!  Also, keep in mind, the United States and the UN has been pressuring China to revalue their currency for years! 

China has been artificially holding down the value of their currency to create a huge trade deficit with the United States and also Europe.  If it was a simple process as these hack gurus say, the US and EU would have forced China to RV their currency years ago.

Use common sense, get off the intel roller-coaster!  Have an EXCELLENT Day!  🙂

~ Mr. IQD


SWFloridGuy: 4-16-2012 Hammerman: My intel says between the 17th and the 25th. Spoke with 5 biggest corporate US branches. They are expecting this. To show on the tradeable forex should take 72 hours. There are 4 forex systems. Wells Fargo is opening 15 new currency branches in the US. Shabibi is the man and he’s the only one in the world that knows exactly when this will go down. The rate is at the regional level at the banks. They sent it to the regional level Thursday night into Friday. Contact in Asia are saying that with the China revalue it will push the dong around 20 cents. There are 3 baskets. 11 in the first one. The dong will go first. Start looking real hard for this Wednesday night.

Hammerman Fast Call Playback 712-432-1085 pin 115593#

1 thought on “Analysis of Hammerman Conference Call Post – April 16, 2012

  1. Hammerman is just a plain as liar and should be kicked off everything and anything that represents integrity! I would love for this guy to reply to me personaly and have the balls to validate his latest comments? He sits in his underwear in the basement of his grandmothers home doing anything he can to get attention! Girls dont like him guys dont as well so he needs to bottomfeed his ego by preying on the weak and hopeless looking for anything to hang on too! shame on you my lil man. call me anytime at (XXX)XXX-XXXX you uneducated moron. Yes I stand by this assement of your stature
    [NOTE, Clooney’s information phone and email have been edited to protect his/her identity.]


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