Trusts, Hedge Funds and LLCs – Oh My!

Hello our Dinarian Buddies!

This post is a WARNING about these hack gurus, and even some who have recently been investigated by the FBI because of their involvement in selling these Trusts, Hedge Funds, Corporate Entities like LLCs, Off-Shore and any other variation!

In general, almost all of us in the Dinarian Community DO NOT NEED ANY OF THESE!!! Especially before the RV!!!

After the RV, depending on your situation, you may need one of these sophisticated financial vehicles!  But, keep reading, because you may not need any of them at all…

To get started, as a rule of thumb, take Warren Buffet’s advice he personally always follows: “I never invest in something that I don’t understand!

So, ask yourself, why am I investing in a hedge fund, or trust with someone I don’t even really know, just someone who keeps using God’s name in vein and is blasphemously asks for us to believe in him while he is picking our pockets!

Did you know that one of these hack “gurus” recently was busted by the FBI for fraud and taking over $3million Dollars of “Dinarian Investor’s” money in a hedge fund scheme!!!

Another Dinar Broker who very recently started advertising in our dinar community and even sponsoring some of the various Conference Calls has a HUGE LAWSUIT BY A STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL FILED AGAINST THEM FOR FRAUD!!!

Only during this last year have we really seen a FLOOD of CON ARTISTS flocking in to our Community to work every scam they can figure we will fall for!!! They know how gullible many of us are, and some are already making $Millions scamming us with their crap scheme even before the IQD has revalued – isn’t that amazing!!!  Can you imagine how much money these con artists will make after the RV???  We need to stop them now!

Many Of our Dinarian Brothers and Sisters have lost everything they own today by some of these scum hack gurus!  If only they had they just been more prudent with this potential investment of a lifetime, and not bought in to a scam or scheme!!!

We understand that many of you are in a bad way! We know you have financial troubles, you need to pay bills, pay taxes, make the rent or mortgage!

Well our friend, buying a trust or buying into a hedge fund right now WILL NOT FIX YOUR CURRENT PROBLEMS!!!

We realize that there are many of you who MUST LIVE YOUR LIFE AS CASH ONLY because of errors in your past!  Don’t make these past problems even worse!

Maybe your errors were something simple like, you have or had a Bankruptcy?  Or, maybe you’re running from past due liens, child support or alimony?  Worst yet, perhaps you are  one of the many Dinarians who is running from IRS and Governmental Tax liens!

Well, lets talk about that for a moment…  

No matter the problems you are running from, buying in to one of these hack guru’s schemes for a Trust, or Legal Entity, Hedge Fund or off shore account WILL IN NO WAY HELP YOU NOW!!!  This is the TRUTH!  Face it!


Instead of running, face it, you can’t get away from the United States!  You cannot escape the long arm of The IRS.  That is a REALITY!  Need proof, look at Osama Bin Laden – he didn’t escape!  OBL had $Billions of dollars, his own army, and a Country to hide him, and he didn’t escape the long arm of the US Government!  Not even with a “Nobel Peace Prize Winning Democratic” President in office!!!  Think you can do better than OBL?

Now for our suggested “better plan” is for you to take the extra money you would waste on buying in to one of these financial vehicle schemes and use it to buy enough Dinar that would bail you out of your current situation.  

So, for example, lets assume you are in a really bad way and you owe $3Million in past taxes, child support, alimony, a foreclosure and several maxed out credit cards!  Dude, you really screwed up – and possibly it was not even your fault… LOL!!!  Right???

Okay, so you go out to a very reputable Dinar Broker and purchase an additional one million IQD.  This is beyond what you currently own in Dinar!  

Governor of the CBI Dr. ShabibiBased on the words of the current Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq ( Dr. Shabibi who has been recorded several times saying that he will bring the Iraqi Dinar to be the most valuable and strongest currency in the region and back to its once level of glory.  Know what that “level” is that he is referring to?  That would be aproximately $3.32 US Dollars to one IQD.  

Now, you have spent around $1,200 USD to purchase 1 Million IQD, which when it is revalued by the CBI – you will have at least $3 Million at hand to use to pay your old debts.

But, don’t stop there, use some of your new money to hire one of the top Tax Attorneys in the Nation to negotiate your old Tax Bills and Liens!  Did you know that sometimes it is very probably for these Tax Attorneys to negotiate “pennys on the dollar” repayment plans with the IRS and your local State Government tax collection bureaus.

You will have money, you can have these problems solved and taken care of for you!

Do it like today’s wealthy people do, they hire their “big guns” to do the work for them!  Hire an Attorney who specializes in Credit to take care of your Foreclosure and Credit Cards and other bad credit bureau reports!  

Stop thinking about setting up off shore trusts or Nevada LLCs to hide from the Government! It won’t work, today its virtually impossible to get away from them! 

Just spend a few bucks now, buy a few extra dinar for these problems, and just get it taken care of!  Then you can enjoy your new fortunes with the other Dinar that you own, and you won’t be constantly looking over your shoulder, trying to run from Uncle Sam!  

Don’t you know, deep down inside, you want to stop running, you are tired of running!  You want peace in you and your family’s life!  So, make it happen, stay away from these hack gurus and their schemes to steal your money!  Be patient, and do it the right way!

~ Mr. IQD

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