Welcome to Mr. IQD….

Welcome to Mr. IQD….

We are YOUR Sensible Iraqi Dinar (IQD) News & Information Regurgitation and Commentator!  Also, we hate hack “gurus” probably as much as you do!!!  

We proudly are YOUR Hack “Guru” Hunters and will show NO mercy to those hack “gurus” who intentionally mislead the Dinarian Community! 

We say it is time to stop being “polite” to them!  And NOW start calling them out as the con-men/women they are!  We will expose their pumping or their scams!  They are either just egotistic assholes who want to bask in their own self righteous bullshit, or steal from us good-hearted trusting Dinarians!!!

1 thought on “Welcome to Mr. IQD….

  1. Cap1 on Cap’s corner is a circus, you should check it out.. He the owner of Cap1 is pulling and playing with peoples emotions by encouraging them with lies. He stated in a lot of posting that one of the main media stream BBC stated that chapter 7 was lifted, and it is not true.. I did research and I’m good at doing that:) and “Nada” means “Nothing” It’s sad how the members in that chat room which is about 1,000 members just hoping and waiting for Cap to come out after a long day has passed and comes in late in the evening with old inaccurate news. He also works with OkieOilman.

    Thanks to He’sOurVindicator for taking time to help us bag another scum “guru” whith their Hat Tip on Cap1 @ Cap’s Corner!!!


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